Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seeing Stars

John Gregory Sea Otter

Like father like daughter my father is an artist (among so many other thing) and growing up I spent hours looking at his sketchbooks.  On my last visit he got them out and we spent some quality time talking about art.  My father has always wanted to make carvings from my paintings – make jewelry – But after looking at his sketchbook I came a cross a drawing of a sea otter that my father had done.  It so inspired me that I asked if I could incorporate that image is some of my new work, since we have always wanted to collaborate…and so began the seeds for my current body of work  

My first drawing of the otter (Corrie Gregory My Education (part 2)  "WriteRight" Loose Leaf Filler from 1951. I found it on E-bay. You can see the bones are there of my fathers drawing but it is getting closer to being mine.  As I kept drawing the Sea Otter it evolved  The next draft (See Otter For Grandpa) I discovered some of the paper that I have been collecting was my grandfathers personal stationary.

(Seeing Stars Final Draft) It all seemed to make sense.  If you look closely you can see there is a small star printed on the paper.  I liked the idea of the see otter surrounded by stars.  And most importantly that he was blind.  Then came (Seeing Stars) and (Kishkes).    

Corrie Gregory My Education (part 2) Mixed on Paper 10.5x8

Corrie Gregory See Otter For Grandpa Mixed on Paper 5.5x8.5

Corrie Gregory Seeing Stars Final Draft  Mixed Media on Paper 4.5x6.5

Corrie Gregory Seeing Stars (detail) Gouache on Dura-Lar 13.75x6.5

Corrie Gregory Kishkes (detail) Mixed Media on Paper 12.75x16

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