Monday, April 23, 2012

Manual of Artificial Limbs and other Inspirations

It seems like a good time to post about a few inspirations that I keep close.

Manual of Artificial Limbs
Copiously Illustrated An Exhaustive Exposition of Prosthesis A. A. Marks -1908.  
Visiting family in Chapel Hill I found this at a used book store. I never get tired of looking through the pages.

Max - By
Pericle Luigi Giovannetti
I have been looking at  MAX since I was a wee on - In the Library at my Dad's and Mom's house. Brilliant.

This is an enamel piece I have had for a long time - It was done by my Aunt Atzy 
I think I need to get off my ass and check out more of her work.  

This is a shot of my studio

This is a shot of my studio with Kitty
Jeff really doesn't like my kitty but,  I love her and she protects me.

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