Saturday, July 20, 2013

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14x17 Mixed Media
© Copyright Corrie Gregory 2013


Write Right and Other Natural Causes
July 27- August 31,2013

July 27, 2013 5-10 pm

Book Show is pleased to present the inaugural exhibition in our space with work by Los Angeles-based artist Corrie Gregory. Write Right and Other Natural Causes includes Gregory’s latest works on paper, as well as larger-format paintings on Dura-lar.

Corrie Gregory’s work lives on the border between dreams and nightmares, where chance and control collide. Her art is born out of investigation. Gregory notes, “I believe in the practice of art. Once I have the technical control, I am able to let go and open the process to the possibility of happenstance.”

Write Right and Other Natural Causes
finds Gregory exploring Jungian themes from the deep preconscious, themes that have appeared in fables around the world for hundreds of years and which continue to resonate today. Her animals take on human characteristics and her humans, children all, exhibit animal parts, drawing a mystical connection between us and our animal nature. The characters in Gregory’s work sprout roots, float in the air, or do both. Her creatures are innocent and perplexed, sly and savvy, or passive and subject to the whims of nature, but never victims of their fate.

Beginter, Mixed Media
© Copyright Corrie Gregory 2013
Write Right We've Got a Bleeder
8x 10.5 Mixed Media
© Copyright Corrie Gregory 2013
Gregory also draws inspiration from mid-twentieth century science and medicine as well as her materials. Vintage doctors’ prescription pads are the canvas for much of her latest work. Her drawings on those aging pieces of paper investigate the tension between our ability to rationally know or control and our deeper instinctive knowledge. The show’s title comes from the wrapper-band for a sheaf of children’s notebook paper some 60 years old.

Book Show is a book store founded by Jen Hitchcock and housed with in the vibrant energized environment of artist/designer Damon Robinson’s NOMAD print studio, gallery and art compound in the up-and-coming Frogtown area of Los Angeles. In addition to Gregory’s work, the opening reception will feature an intimate performance by alt-country singer/songwriter Gina Villalobos.

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